What is Link Socket?

Link Socket is the first Plug-and-Link concept socket bar with international safety testing under the brand of  . It allows users to add or reduce a number of sockets according to their actual needs. The product has received patent rights and has been granted 4 prestigious awards:

1) 2011 Hong Kong Awards for IndustriesInnovation and Creativity Grand Award

2) 2011 Hong Kong Designers AssociationGlobal Design Awards - Silver Award

(Electronic & Electrical Consumer Product)

3) 2012 HK Art & Design FestivalOutstanding Greater China Design Awards (Product Design)

4) 2012 HKDCDFA - Silver Award(Product and Industrial Design - Household Appliances)

What are the differences between Link Socket and the existing power strips which are being sold in the market?

The number of sockets for traditional power strip is fixed. It is impossible for users to add or reduce sockets and no peripheral products can be added. Today, all these troubles can be overcome by Link Socket. Breaking through from traditional fixed power strip, Link Socket allows users to add or reduce a number of sockets according to their actual needs.

The plug-and-link design allows the product to connect with a couple of peripheral products such as USB charger (applicable for iPhone, iPAD), battery charger, timer sockets, surge protector etc. to achieve sustainable development, so as to enhance a full utility rate and greatly increase its compatibility.

Is Link Socket safe?

Link Socket has already passed varieties of severe tests and received several international electrical safety testing certificates. It has complied  with BS1363/A, BS5733/A, MS589/A, SS145/A, IEC60884-1, IEC60884-2-5 and RoHS.

Is there any warranty service for Link Socket?

The Warranty will only be valid if customer registers the product warranty on our Website www.AlphaLink.hk or mail the completed Warranty Card within 14 days from the date of purchase. Please refer to "Product Warranty" for details.

How do I know the online product registration process is successfully completed?

Once the online product registration process is successfully completed, we will send you a "Product Warranty Record" email for your retention. If customer does not receive any confirmation email within 14 days, please contact us at (852) 3113-5811 during office hours (HKT: 9:00am-12:30pm / 2:00pm-6:00pm from Mondays to Fridays, and 9:00am-12:30pm on Saturdays) or by email to info@AlphaLink.hk

Problem Potential Cause Solution
The LED indicator is on but the connected appliance is not functioning. The appliance may not be connected to the socket properly. Connect the appliance to the socket properly.
The appliance maybe broken down. Consult with the appliance supplier.
The LED indicator is off but the connected appliance is
The LED indicator may have normal wear and tear problem. Free replacement of spare parts under normal usage within warranty period.
The connected appliance ceases operation suddenly. Interruption to power supply. Consult with power supply service provider
The connected appliance may
have damaged.
Consult with the appliance supplier.
Fuse maybe damaged. Replace a fuse with correct rating and type.
Loss of main power supply. Check the maximum approved loading.
Check if there is any electric leakage or short circuit with qualified electrical technician.